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Marketing Content Creation for MedSpas and Beauty Service Providers

Content is my jam and it’s something many beauty service providers struggle with.  If you’ve been researching this whole marketing thing, you’ve probably run across the term “content marketing.”  Content marketing can be a great tool for small businesses.  

When it’s used effectively, you can create a powerful connection between your brand, your clients and your potential clients.  In the salon, MedSpa and Esthetics world, you can basically use content to tell potential clients why they need you. It’s also great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!


Here’s answers to some of the most common questions I get asked about how content marketing can help a beauty business. 

How do you know what to write for me?

Whether I’m working on your website, an email campaign, a blog or any other marketing content, I always start by gathering information from you.  I learn as much as I can from you, then research the rest.  You will always have the opportunity to review, edit and approve anything I write for you before it goes out to the public!

Are email campaigns still effective?

Yes!  In fact, I have several clients that rely heavily on email to promote themselves.  Email is a great, cost effective way for you to communicate with people that already know, like and trust you.  Unlike social media, you own and control your email list which gives us a lot of control over your message and who sees it.  

How does it work when you write social media posts for a client?

If you are struggling to say consistent with posting to social media, this service is for you.  Each month I reach out and gather info from you.  From there, I create social media posts with branded graphics and schedule them to your accounts.  You can go in and edit them if you need to you, or just let them post as scheduled.  So you respond to my request for info once, and your social posts are done for the MONTH!

I think I want to write my own website content, what is the benefit of having you do it?

Great question!  There are many.  For one, I’m not writing as a beauty service provider. I’m writing as a marketer so I’m not just listing what you do.  I explain to clients, in terms they can relate to, how they can benefit from your services.  I also make sure that what you are trying to say is clear and consistent throughout the site while including basic SEO principles to help your website WORK FOR YOU. 

Do I even need print materials anymore?

It all depends on your marketing strategy and business goals.  Some beauty businesses do just fine without a brochure or any other print materials.  But, sometimes a physical document is needed.  For example, if you’re going to local events, hosting an open house or creating a new client welcome kit, having a brochure or other print materials might be a good thing to have. 

Do I need to blog?

If you want to give Google a reason to visit your site, yes.  Blogging is a great way to improve your search ranking and give people a reason to come to your site.  It also provides a way to drive traffic to your website.  

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