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Key Messaging

Graphic Design

People come to you because they want to look and feel beautiful.  They don’t just want services, they want an experience. If they didn’t, they’d be down the street at a chain place getting their beauty services for $12.99. 

The best way to start their experience is by telling them what to expect when they work with you and that begins with your brand. 

I’m not just talking about your logo (although that’s a key component), I’m talking about your key messaging, the way your studio is decorated, it’s signage, your check-in process and every interaction you have with your clients from start to finish.  

Each step of their experience should be hand-crafted to bring your brand to life and give your clients something they can’t get anywhere else.  


Here’s answers to some of the most common questions I get asked about branding for beauty business owners. 

It's just me, do I really need to develop a brand?

Yes!  Whether you’re a one woman show, or a business owner with a team, building a brand is important.  When you’re branding is clear and consistent it helps establish you as an expert in your industry and allows you to charge prices that experts charge. 

What is key messaging?

Great question!  In general, key messaging is the main points of information you want your clients to hear and learn about you.  This could be something like, you’re an expert in anti-aging, or you help women go gray gracefully.  Sometimes mission, vision and values statements are developed as part of the key messaging process. If don’t need or want to be that formal, we can simplify your messaging to fit your style. 

I have a logo, isn't that all the branding I need?

A logo is only a piece of your brand.  It’s actually just the visual element that represents your business.  If you really want to develop a brand, you’ve got to beyond the logo and look at things like consistently brand guidelines, images, key messaging and customer experience.  

How do you help with client experience?

Client experience includes everything from how your clients book with you, to the decor in your business, to your follow up process after a service.  With some consulting time, I can take a look at what you’re doing help you identify areas of improvement. 

Do I have to change my logo if I work with you?

Nope, not at all!  If you have a logo you love (that is professionally designed and high quality) I will never suggest you turn your back on something you’re attached to.  That said, if you designed it yourself on your cell one night after a few glasses of wine, I might suggest we give it an upgrade. 

I struggle with what digital images to use, can you help with that?

The images you use in this industry are SO important and yes, I can help with them.  I always suggest clients book a branded photo shoot with a local photographer as soon as budget allows.  I also recommend you establish a consistent template to use for before & after photos.  I can help give you direction on both of these things and also help by designing branded graphics for you to use on social media. 

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