Welcome to my blog, I’m Jennifer Calero, your Independent Marketing Manager.  What’s an Independent Marketing Manager you ask?  I work independently with small businesses that have a need for marketing support but don’t have enough need to hire a full-time person on staff.  In a nut shell, I help small business owners manage their basic marketing functions so they can spend time working their business and doing what they love, not trying to figure out how to set up an e-newsletter, post to Facebook or do any of they other marketing tasks they just don’t have time for!

In this blog I’m going to share experiences from my time in this industry.  In many cases these experiences will translate into tips which can help you with your own marketing strategy.  I will also be discussing and sharing information from people in the industry that I learn from so you can keep your marketing plan fresh and up to date!

I intend for this blog to be interactive so please post comments and questions and let’s get the conversation started. To learn more about how I provide marketing services for small businesses on a budget, please visit my services page.


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