Spring events are a great way to get people in to your business after a long winter!  They are also the perfect opportunity to promote and start booking your summer services.  In this post, I’ll cover some ideas for spring events followed by ways to leverage them to grow your business.

And I know what you’re thinking, COVID.  Yes, COVID is still lingering this year BUT hopefully by next year it’s just a bad memory.  For now, you can use the ideas below and tailor them to be safe for social distancing.

Spring Open House

A lot of businesses host an open house around the holidays.  While I love a good holiday open house, don’t hesitate to have two!  Your spring open house can be tailored to highlight summer services and you could run a giveaway for one of your most sought after summer services.

St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway

Spring events don’t have to be actual events.  You could also host a giveaway!  Get creative.  Maybe you sell  “green”  products as in, durable, non‐toxic, made of recycled materials, or minimally packaged items.  Create a basket with all your favorites and host a raffle.  Have people buy tickets with all the proceeds going to a charity, then pick a winner on St. Patrick’s Day.   Or, if you want to keep it simple, create a basket and ask your clients to do something to enter to win.  You could ask them to join your email list, post a selfie on your socials or enter anyone who sends you a referral for the month.

Mother’s Day Event

No one deserves a special event more than moms!  Here’s a few ideas to help you get moms in your space.

  • Host a Mom’s Night Event – Encourage moms to bring a friend and come in for a specific service or invite vendors in for a pop up shop style event.
  • Offer a Package – Create a Just for Moms package and make it available during a specific time frame.  Or, create package offers and at the event, sell them with a little discount.  If you need a template for a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, check out this listing on my Etsy store.
  • Host a Botox Party – Even if you don’t offer injections you could find an injector to partner with and host a Botox party.  Consider making an agreement with the injector that provides you with a commission on each service or something.  This would be great for moms and if it goes well, you could do another and open it up to all clients.

Skin Cancer Awareness Event

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month.  Host an SPF trade in event where people can bring their old SPF in and upgrade to a better one that you sell.  If you know a dermatologist, you could invite them to be part of the event and do mole checks.

Acne Open House

June is Acne Awareness Month.  It also marks the start of summer for many schools.  With all that in mind, it’s the perfect time to host an open house that puts your acne services front and center. You could target teens that are struggling with acne that want to take the summer to clear up their skin before the next school year starts.  During the open house you can do a presentation about your services, explain how they work and your process for starting with a new acne client. Then, offer an incentive for attendees that schedule their initial consultation with you at the event.

Planning is Key

For any event to be successful you need to plan ahead and give people plenty of time to add it to their calendars.  I recommend you start talking about your event at least a month, maybe even two, in advance.  At two months before, send a save the date type message out and continue sending updates and communicating about your event, right up until the day of.  Use your:

  • Email list
  • Social accounts
  • In-studio signage
  • Team

To help you promote your event and make it a success.  Lastly, with any event you host, I encourage you to consider selling packages during the event.  They can be one time only exclusive offers if you really want to create interest.  I like when clients sell packages because they generate instant revenue and help fill your schedule in the weeks following the event.

If you need help with event communications, contact me!  I can help you create and implement a plan that gets the word out about your event.