The Content Club on Demand – Esthetics Track – Posts for January


The Content Club is a low-cost social media solution that provides done-for-you posts AND supporting graphics WITHOUT the expensive price tag of outsourcing to a social media professional.

It includes:

  • 12 professionally written in- feed posts.
  • Supporting graphics, several are animated.
  • Links to the Canva template to edit the supporting graphics to match your brand if you’d like.
  • Ideas for supporting content including Reels, Stories and/or other videos.

This instant download includes January’s content ONLY.

Visit Small Talk’s store monthly to download new posts for the upcoming month, or if you’d like to save $10 AND have content automatically delivered to your inbox monthly, join the Content Club here.



The Content Club is a month to month subscription based program.  This listing provides on demand access to one month of content that is included in the Content Club.  Please make sure you are purchasing the correct month of content, as there are no refunds once the purchase is made.

The content and graphics received can only be used by the person enrolled in the program.  Please do not share this content.  Sharing content with unpaid persons can result in removal from the program.

You must have a Canva account to access and edit the graphic templates provided.  Subscribing to a professional Canva account is recommended.  I made every effort to use free graphics and elements whenever possible, however, there may be graphics with pro elements in them that are watermarked.  To remove the watermark, you either need to pay Canva to use that element or subscribe to their Pro plan.  If you don’t want to do either, you can simply delete the graphic and replace it with a free element you like.


– After your payment is complete, you’ll receive access to a PDF and a Word Document.
– In the PDF, you’ll find 12 written in feed posts, plus links to the editable Canva file(s).
– The Word document contains all the posts without formatting for easy copy & pasting.
– To edit the graphics, click on the link provided and you’ll be redirected to If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one. If you have an account, just login using your regular credentials.
– Once you’re in Canva, you can begin editing your copy of the graphic.
– After editing, you can download and save your final design in which ever format you prefer. JPEG or PNG work for social media.
– If you don’t need to make edits, if you have a free account, pay for the elements you need and download the graphic as is.
– If you don’t need to make edits and have a PRO account, you can download the graphic and use as is.

Before purchasing, please read the terms and licensing information below.


1. This a digital product so you will not receive a physical shipment. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF which contains everything included in one month of the Content Club.
2. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales made are final. There will be no refunds or exchange of items once a purchase is complete. For technical difficulties and other inquiries, please contact Small Talk Design Co. at


1. The fonts, images, and elements used are all available on Canva. You are purchasing the template only. As mentioned above, you’ll need a Canva account to access the template and a PRO account to use the premium elements in the design. You can always swap a premium element for one of Canva’s free elements to avoid additional costs.
2. These templates were created and are being sold by Small Talk Marketing, the parent company of Small Talk Design Co. The sale of these templates is not affiliated with Canva. Canva is not liable for these templates. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Jennifer at


You may use this template for personal use or commercial use. Each purchase grants ONE license to you – the buyer – only.

See usage details and restrictions below:

Under this license, you may use this template to create end-products ONLY.
Please do NOT redistribute or resell this product or modified version of this product in its editable template format.
Personal Use: Under this license, you may create an unlimited number of end products using this template, for your personal use.
Commercial Use: Under the license, you may create commercial end-products for use within your business only.