Planning a holiday event at your MedSpa or studio is a GREAT way to get clients into your business.  Many business owners see events as “nice things to do” or just a way to say thank you.  While they definitely can be just that, when you plan an event strategically, they can also generate revenue AND help you fill your schedule. In this post, I’ll share a few ideas on how to structure your holiday event, then I’ll share some ideas on how to make these events generate revenue and fill your schedule.

Types of Holiday Events

Open House

Hosting an open house is one of the most common types of holiday events.  This type of event is generally pretty informal and allows clients to come and go as they please.  An open house is usually just a way to say ‘thank you’ or celebrate the season with the main goal being good attendance.  During the event, you could consider doing spa tours, having your practitioners on hand to answer questions and even do service demos.  I always recommend doing some sort of event-only offer whether it be on products or services.

Service Launch

If you’ve recently added a new service, hosting a service launch party is a great reason to invite your clients into your space during the holidays.  Service launch parties are usually a little more formal in nature since they are typically planned with the goal in mind of introducing a new service to clients and getting them to book that service.  These events are usually successful when you follow an agenda, have models on hand for service demonstrations, offer event-exclusive pricing on the new service and require clients to book the service they got special pricing on before they leave the event.

Spa Party Style

Many spas offer spa parties as a service allowing clients to bring guests in to the spa.  You could host your own spa party by offering express services or services that you want to grow in the upcoming year.  A spa party style event is similar to what I described in the service launch event set up, just a little less formal.  A service launch event focuses on educating guests about a service, while a spa party is more of social event that includes spa services.

How to Generate Revenue From Events

Regardless of what style holiday event you’re planning, I highly recommend you make it worth your wild by planning ways to generate revenue from the event.  Even if it just makes enough to cover your expenses, that is good enough to start!  Here are a few ways to generate revenue during your holiday event:

Event-only gift card promotions – Spa gift cards are popular gifts during the holidays.  Use your event to offer clients an event-only promotion that requires them to attend to take advantage of it.  Gift card promotions are a great way to help fill your schedule in the new year too.

Event-only service and/or package pricing – Offer individual, bundled or package deals at discounted rates for popular services that will only be sold during the event.  When people buy these, you’re also working to fill your schedule.

Raffle off services – Raffling off services is an easy way to generate revenue AND provide something of value to your clients.  If the service is popular enough, you can often make enough from ticket sales to cover your costs and then some.  I suggest asking clients to RSVP to your event in exchange for a complimentary raffle ticket.  Then when they arrive, offer them the opportunity to purchase additional raffle tickets to be entered in the drawing of their choice (if you’re raffling multiple things).   Don’t be afraid to charge a premium for tickets!  If you’re willing to raffle off lip injections that typically cost $800, a client that wants lip injections will think nothing of taking a chance and buying a $20 ticket!  Sell ticket one for $20 or 6 for $100 if you have multiple, high end prizes to give away.

Great, now what?

Events are not a “host it and they will come” deal.  You’ve got to communicate about your event in advance and multiple times leading up to the event.  And, I don’t mean doing a social post once a week.  A successful event requires a communication plan that includes:

  • Emails
  • Social posts
  • In-spa signage
  • Talking (your team needs to be on board and help you spread the word)
  • Traditional tactics (Sending invitations to guests you really want to attend or local businesses)

While free food alone can sometimes be enough to get people through the door, it’s not a guarantee and if free food is the only reason someone is coming, those are the people that may not be interested in what you’re selling so be sure you’re communicating early and often to ensure all your clients know about your holiday event, can plan to attend and are excited about the special promotions you’re offering.

For a complete Event Planning Checklist, including a week by week communication plan, click here to visit my store for an instant download. 

If you need help communicating with your clients about your upcoming event, contact me, I can help you put together a plan and implement it.