I’ve been hard at work this past month working on some new things for my business!  When I originally started this venture, I was basically offering freelance marketing services.  I was functioning as a marketing manager would if you hired them to be on your team.  Over the past year, my own marketing experience has grown and also my network of marketing professionals. I have found that by partnering with other small businesses, I now have the ability to offer a wider variety of marketing services.  Most of the companies I work with are small and as a result, I can continue to keep the cost of my services affordable for most small business owners.

A New Name

Exciting stuff right?  With all that in mind, I thought it was time to formalize my operationSmall Talk Marketing & Communications Logo a bit and give it a name!  Over the upcoming weeks, Jennifer Calero, Independent Marketing Manager will transition to Small Talk Marketing & Communications and this will be my new logo!

I’ll be re-doing my website and changing over all my social media channels to represent my new brand!  I love branding so this will be fun for me.

Why Small Talk Marketing & Communications?

Deciding on a name for my business was no easy task.  It was like naming one of my children, only worse.  I tossed around everything from J.Calero Marketing to made up words and everything in between. (It took months and my friends and family were going to scream if I didn’t pick something!) At the end of the day I really thought about what I do and what I am best at.  My strength is helping businesses talk with their customers through marketing communications.  Whether it is by writing great website content, posting to social media or sending an email marketing campaign, I am great at helping businesses start a conversation with their clients and/or potential clients.

Next I was thinking about the successful small businesses that I have worked with and thought about how they were different from some of the other less successful companies I’ve seen.  At the core of each successful business was a great product or service. What seemed to take them to the next level was their ability to create loyal clients and clients that talk about their business.

You hear conversations everyday that go like this:
“I love your hair, where do you get it done?”
“My bathroom looks horrible, I need to remodel, do you know a good contractor?”
“I’m throwing a baby shower for my cousin, where can I get really cute, unique invitations?”

When someone answers one of these questions with the name of your business you are in good shape.  It means you are delivering a good product or service that people are comfortable recommending.  It means that your business is growing because people like what you are doing.  So for me the bottom line became…small talks grows businesses and with that, Small Talk Marketing & Communications was born.

New Marketing Services

In addition to my new name and look, I am also going to be adding some new marketing services to my list of offerings.  I am hard at work in a Social Media Managers class expanding my knowledge on how to help my clients grow their business through the use of social media.  I have learned a lot about the importance of setting goals and having a strategy to achieve them.  This is not only true for social media but for marketing as a whole so in the upcoming year, I plan to add more strategy development services to better serve my clients.

I am currently working with two businesses I have worked with in the past and testing out some ideas for new marketing strategy development options.  As I fine tune them, I’ll be sharing what I find with you.  In the meantime, I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your business and what we can do together in this upcoming year.  I am excited to grow my business throughout 2015 and I would be happy to help you do the same so contact me for a free consultation and let’s get people talking about your business!