Your business should look as good as your clients do

Branding for Salons, MedSpas and Estheticians

People come to you because they want to look and feel beautiful.  They don’t just want services, they want an experience. If they didn’t, they’d be down the street at a chain place getting their beauty services for $12.99. 

The best way to start their experience is by telling them what to expect when they work with you and that begins with your brand. 

I’m not just talking about your logo (although that’s a key component), I’m talking about your key messaging, the way your studio is decorated, it’s signage, your check-in process and every interaction you have with your clients from start to finish.  

Each step of their experience should be hand-crafted to bring your brand to life and give your clients something they can’t get anywhere else.  

I can bring your brand to life with:

  • Logo development
  • Brand board design
  • Key messaging
  • Graphic design
Anna Elizabeth Branding Sample
Esthetics Logo Design
Logo Design for Luxe Skin Care

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