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Professional AND Affordable Social Media Content

Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media?  Most business owners do.

We all recognize it’s a great tool to connect with potential and current clients BUT, it’s also time-consuming to manage.

This is especially true for those of you working in an owner/operator capacity.

On top of not having time, the next thing I hear from business owners is that they don’t WHAT to post!

This is typically the point, where business owners decide it’s time to outsource…until they get some quotes on doing just that and realize outsourcing (done right) is not in their budget.

Enter The Content Club!

I created The Content Club to offer Estheticians and Injectors a low-cost social media solution that provides done-for-you posts AND supporting graphics WITHOUT the expensive price tag!

Here’s How It Works


Step 1 - Pick Your Track

There are currently two tracks in The Content Club.  There is one for Estheticians that includes skincare and other esthetics-focused content.  Then, there is another for MedSpas and/or Injectors which includes content about anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers and some of the more in-depth skin care treatments you’d find at a MedSpa. 


Step 2 - Join the Club

Select the track that makes the most sense for you, and Join the Club!  I’ll send you some onboarding paperwork and soon is that is complete, you’re in! 


Step 3 - Wait For Your Content

Content for each track is delivered to you via email by the 15th of each month.  The content you receive on the 15th will be geared toward the upcoming month.  For example, on January 15th, I sent out February’s content.  I try to work several weeks in advance so you have time to plan your promos, edit your posts and get them scheduled in time to be used by the first of each month.


Step 4 - Monitor Your Socials and Breath Easy Until Next Month

Once your content is scheduled, all you need to do is monitor your accounts, respond to questions and then wait for new content to arrive the following month!

What’s Included

12 Written In-Feed Posts

You’ll receive a PDF with 12 posts you can either copy and paste as is, or modify to meet your business’s needs. 

Supporting Graphics

Each post will be accompanied by supporting graphics that you can again either use as is, or modify to match your brand.  

Suggestions for Supporting Content

Each post provides ideas for additional content that created to support the post like ideas for Reels, Stories and more. 

Editable Links

  The graphics are provided as Canva files so you must have at least a free Canva account to access and use the graphics.  If you don’t have one yet, sign up here. I did this so you have the ability to use the graphics I create as a template and really make them your own (if you want to and have the time).  It’s the perfect blend of outsourcing and DIY. 

Animated Graphics

Because all platforms are prioritizing video-based content, at least 3 of the supporting graphics each month will be animated or video based.  Using Canva, you can turn any static graphic into an animation so you can also use the images I provide and turn them into animated graphics too.


When you join The Content Club, you’ll get access to my exclusive Facebook group for my clients, the Beauty Business Owners group.  In the group, you can post questions, brainstorm ideas and more.  I’ll be checking in to answer questions and provide support regularly.  

You’re probably thinking…all sounds great, but how much?

I saved the best info for last…The Content Club is just $49/per month*!

I know it’s a steal but I promised you professional, AFFORDABLE social media content, so what are you waiting for?

Complete the form below and let’s take the stress out of social media. 

The Fine Print

*The Content Club is a month to month subscription based program.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  When you initially sign up, you’ll receive your first month’s invoice.  When paying that invoice you must sign up for autopay in order to be enrolled in the program and receive monthly content.  If your payment is declined or you unsubscribe from autopay, you’ll be removed from the program.   The content and graphics received can only be used by the person enrolled in the program.  Please do not share this content.  Sharing content with unpaid persons can result in removal from the program.

As stated above, you must have a Canva account to access and edit the graphics provided.  Subscribing to a professional Canva account is recommended.  I made every effort to use free graphics and elements whenever possible, however, there may be graphics with pro elements in them that are watermarked.  To remove the watermark, you either need to pay Canva to use that element or subscribe to their Pro plan.  If you don’t want to do either, you can simply delete the graphic and replace it with a free element you like.

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