Facebook has certainly thrown some changes at business page owners over the last year and I have no doubt that will continue throughout 2015.  I have had clients and heard of largerFacebook: Do it right or don't do it at all by Jennifer Calero companies deciding to take a “break” from Facebook, not post as often and not devote resources to managing the page.  Some large companies have gone as far as shutting down their page!  I understand it can be frustrating to devote resources to something you don’t think you are seeing a return on, but I am pretty confident in saying that maintaining a good Facebook business page is probably helping your business in one way or another even if you aren’t able to directly tie business to it.

The Benefits of Facebook

Having your name appear in front of people on a regular basis helps with brand development and recognition.  It also helps with keeping you top of mind with potential clients.  Lastly, it creates trust.  Yes, that’s right, when people follow your page, they learn about you and your business.  Based on what they see, they develop an opinion on whether or not they want to do business with you.

My message to small business owners…if you’re going to have a business page on Facebook, do it right or don’t do it all!  Engaging in any marketing tactic half way, will never get you a return on your investment. This statement is a bit harsh compared to how I usually approach my clients on strategy but I feel strongly about this one.  You see, I offer a number of marketing services to my clients.  Facebook and social media management is just one area of my business but one of the most popular as many small business owners just don’t know what to do with Facebook and don’t have the time to figure it out.

Small business owners often want to do the bare minimum with their Facebook page but still want to see results. Like anything in life, you get back what you put in.  You wouldn’t run half a television commercial and expect the phone to ring off the hook with new business right?  Probably not, and the same is true with Facebook, if you only give it a little effort, you’ll get little in return.

Are you thinking of minimizing your Facebook efforts?

If you are considering scaling back your Facebook efforts this year, understand that despite some of the changes being a pain, they were actually made with the intent of providing better content to users…and making money of course (you can’t blame them for that, after all they are a business!)

The Bare Minimum You Need to Run a Business Facebook Page

If you are going to keep your page, here is the bare minimum I recommend doing:

1. Post Frequency – Posting once a month is useless.  If you are going to keep the page running, post at least 3 to 5 times per week.

2.  Paid Advertising – I know Facebook started out “free” but times have changed.  You either embrace it or move on.  Start with a small budget of $25 to $50 per month on paid ads or promoted posts.  You’d be surprised at what a small amount can do.

3.  Content Quality – Don’t go on, make your monthly post and write about a sale you are having.  Starting this month, Facebook won’t allow a post like that to get much organic reach AND fans aren’t going to respond, especially if that is their only interaction with you.  Instead focus on providing content on a regular basis that your clients will benefit from.

4.  Be Yourself – Many business owners get stuck focusing on what they SHOULD be posting on Facebook and end up not posting anything at all.  While I always recommend to my clients that you don’t tackle any controversial topics on your business page (race, religion, politics, etc.), it’s ok to post something funny, share an appropriate personal picture or post about something that has nothing to do with your business; in fact, I recommend it!

5.  Keep it Short and Sweet – No one wants to reads paragraphs in their news feed.  One or two sentences, maybe three or four on occassion but post after post with long winded content probably won’t draw much interaction.  You have a second to grab someone’s attention and get them thinking about what you have to stay before they keep scrolling.  If you have a lot to say on a topic, write a blog post about it and share the link as a status update.

On a final note, I will say this.  Building a solid Facebook business page takes time.  If you have put in the time and effort, maybe you’ve even hired a professional social media manager to help you and you haven’t seen a benefit, then maybe social just isn’t for your business.  If you have arrived at that decision, my suggestion would be to close the page down rather than keep it up and dormant.  Having a dormant page will send a negative message to a potential client visiting so make an effort to keep it up or close it.

Do you have questions about your Facebook business page?  Contact me at jennifer@jcalero.com, I’d be happy to provide some complimentary feedback on your page and its contents.