I work with clients to both create websites and also upgrade their existing websites.  In many cases, when a client comes to me they do not know how to start the process of designing a website and they have a lot of questions.  That’s where I come in!Contact form

Having managed countless web development projects I help my clients sort out the details and make the process of creating a new site or improving an existing one, easy!  I can answer questions and I try to take the guess work out of website work.  One question I have been asked several times recently is “do I need a contact form on my website?”

Well, if you ask a website designer, some may say yes and some may say no.  It just depends on the designer.  But if you ask me, I say yes!  In addition to having a contact form, you should also give visitors your actual email address so they can contact you directly if they prefer.  Here are my top 3 reasons why you need both a contact form and your email on your website.

1.  Having a contact form makes communication easy for visitors – Having a contact form makes it easy for visitors to reach out to you.  They don’t have to open their email or even leave your site to initiate that first communication.

2.  Listing your email improves trust – There are some people that don’t want to do business with companies that don’t supply a direct email and quite frankly I don’t blame them!  It’s always good to be able to contact someone directly.

3.  Having both gives people options – Clients like options.  They like to communicate with businesses in a way they feel most comfortable.  Letting them choose between filling out a form, emailing you directly, calling or reaching out via social media, gives clients the opportunity to pick how they want to interact with you and which method is most convenient.

So with that, give your clients options!  Include a contact form on your website and supply your direct email address as well as other means to contact you such as your phone number.  Don’t forget…if you set up an email just for web inquiries, be sure to do it in a way that is easy for you to monitor the account regularly so you can respond to people in a timely manner.