Every great brand has to start somewhere and there is nothing better than being in on the ground floorSuccess Story - Hand2Hand of a company that is just getting off the ground.  Meet Hand2Hand Occupational Therapy of WNY, PLLC.  Owners, Debbie and Andrea are Occupational Therapists by trade who saw a need within the geriatric community to provide wellness and prevention programs that allow adults in their golden years to continue living independently.

I met Debbie and Andrea at a networking event several months ago.  When we first met they handed me a business card they created themselves along with a brochure they had also created so they had something to hand out at the networking event. A for effort ladies, a lot of people would have come empty handed!

Let the Branding Begin! 

After meeting, I learned their business was in its infancy and we identified their first needs to be branding!  I love branding.  I love helping a business establish an identity and a personality.  We worked with a graphic designer to create a logo that communicated a message.  They wanted their logo to evoke a sense of caring, trust and warmth but yet look modern and sleek.

Given this was going to be the face of their business, we took our time in creating their logo.  If you have not yet read my post titled How to Work with a Graphic Designer to Create a Logo you Love, take a look, it was inspired by my work on their logo and we followed most of the steps in it to arrive at this:

Hand2Hand Logo


Next we got to work on materials they needed for an upcoming event.  While we did not have these professionally designed as I would typically recommend, but we built off the look and feel of their logo, used professional stock photography and came up with a clean advertisement to promote an event that will be part of introducing them to the community.  (Click here to view the finished product: Event Poster).

Last, I created a Facebook presence for them.  Click here to visit their page and get to them a bit better!  With each of these steps we’ve begun to lay the foundation that builds their brand and tells potential clients what makes them different and better than their competitors.  I’m looking forward to helping them continue to grow their brand by building a website for them and helping them with their marketing strategy.  Keep an eye out for these two…I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of them around town!