Email marketing is not the latest and greatest buzz in the marketing world.  However, it is an Email Marketing Success Story effective marketing tactic that has stood the test of time and do you know why?  Because it is cost effective and it works!

Email Marketing Success

My client, Linda F. is an Entrepreneur with several business ventures in her portfolio.  She runs a local chapter of a national networking group and each month I put together an email marketing campaign for her to send to her contacts.  The email is used to generate participation in her monthly meetings.  Each campaign is created in a newsletter format and we include an original feature article which I write.  It also includes a member feature that highlights one of the group members and their business.  In this particular edition, we used one of Linda’s other businesses, Walk Live, as the feature.

Like every other month, we sent out the campaign and it did its job of reminding people to sign upEmail Marketing Success Story - Media Coverage for her upcoming meeting but Linda had added new contacts to her list and what happened next was pretty awesome!  During a networking event Linda had connected with a representative from a local newspaper publication.  She added her new contact to her email list.  The new contact received her e-newsletter and was so impressed by how professional it was that she contacted her and asked if she could feature her Walk Live business in an upcoming news article!  What?  Free media coverage from an email marketing campaign…yup!

Now of course stuff like this doesn’t happen every day but I wanted to share this story as a success with you because it just shows that doing a simple marketing task, like sending an email blast, can have a big impact.  The key to success with email marketing is consistency and keeping your content fresh.  If you have questions about using email marketing for your business, give me a shout at 716.650.4111.