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Canva is an amazing tool for small business owners!  If you’re not using it already, check it out.  Canva allows business owners to create professional looking graphic design pieces using a drag and drop system that requires little to no graphic design experience.  

While Canva can never replace a trained graphic designer for big important projects like logo design or print pieces, it’s perfect for graphics with a shorter shelf life.  I’m talking about the graphics you use on social media, in your email blasts and things like that. 

Here’s the great thing about Canva…you can share file links that allow others with a Canva account to edit the files later!  So, I can create a graphic in Canva for you, send you the link along with the graphic and you can log in to Canva in the future to edit and reuse the design. 

I have an Etsy store with instant downloads designed just for salons, spas and skin care pros.  A store on my site is in the works too! In the meantime, if you want branded Canva graphics designed for your business, contact me. 


Here’s answers to some of the most common questions I get asked about my Canva design services. 

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I don't have a Canva account, do I have to have one in order to use your Canva design services?

Nope!  I can create the designs for you and send you the finished product.  You only NEED a Canva account if you want the ability to edit the files down the road.  You can create a free Canva account and upgrade at any time for access to some of the editing features. 

How do you know what graphics I need?

I generally start with some basics.  Standard graphics you can use over and over on your social media that are branded to your business.  From there, we could build out your graphics library by adding in service specific graphics, events or other promotions. 

Do you design logos in Canva?

No way.  I love Canva.  But Canva is not the place to design a professional logo.  All of my logo design products are done by professional designer who works in design software. 

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