If you’re still using stock photography on your website and social media, listen up!  It’s time to invest in you and your business this year. In this post I’ll explain why you need to make booking a brand photoshoot a priority and start building a budget for it!

What is a brand photoshoot?

Before I go in to WHY you need one, let me explain what it is.  Think of a brand photoshoot as headshots on steroids.  Instead of going to a photographer and having them take one or two images of you from the chest up, a brand photoshoot is typically done on location in your space.  Brand photoshoots usually capture both traditional business poses, like those typical “from the chest up” headshots, but also “action” or “lifestyle” photos.

The action photos you take can vary based on your business and your comfort level.  Some of the best photoshoots will includes images of the practitioner talking with clients as if they are doing a consultation and performing services.  I’ve also had clients use their on location photo shoot to capture some good images of the products they carry.  Branded photoshoot are usually done with the owner wearing scrubs or a lab coat but I also recommend getting some non-traditional photos of yourself in a different outfit.  Later in the post, I provide a downloadable shot list for you to provide the photographer.

5 Reasons You Need a Brand Photoshoot

So, now that you what a brand photoshoot is, let me explain why you need one.

  1. Consistency

    Having a consistent look is an important part of any brand strategy.  You want people to start recognizing you, your logo and the colors you use.  A brand photoshoot is a great way to elevate that by including images of yourself (and your team if you have one) that incorporate colors from your overall brand.

  2. Trust

    If you work in the beauty industry, you are likely providing a service that will alter your client’s appearance in some way, shape or form.  You may also be treating your client’s most intimate areas or helping address their most personal concerns.  This means people need to trust you!  A great way to start that process is by putting your face behind the information you provide as a means of building trust.

  3. Uniqueness

    Photos of you are going to be unique to your business.  While there are some really great stock photos out there, they usually cost more than the standard stock photos you can get a reasonable rate.  The result is, most business owners opt for the standard stock photos and end up having either the same or just slightly different photos as your competitor down the street.  It’s difficult to have your marketing stand out when your photos look the same!

  4. Professional Appearance

    I’m all for clients taking casual shots of themselves to use on social.  In fact, I highly encourage it as it helps pull back the curtain and show clients the “real you.”  This is another way to create a trusting relationship.  That said, professional photos should be used in your marketing materials. I love when practitioners use a mix of professional and casual photos so clients get to see both sides of you.

  5. Overall Goal – Building a Brand

    When you have a strong brand and you are known for providing high quality services, your business will thrive.  You will be able to increase your prices without clients batting an eye.  And, you’ll be able to control your own schedule as clients will wait to see you.  Professional branded photos are an important piece to building a strong a brand.

Ready to smile big for the camera?Brand Photoshoot Checklist

If you’re ready to get your photoshoot on the calendar, do your homework before committing a photographer.  I highly recommend you find someone who specializes in working with brands.  While a traditional family photographer may be able to get the job done, someone who works with brands will know how to take your photos to the next level. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to some of these questions:

  • Do we start with a consultation?  – You want the answer to be yes as it’s important that the photographer knows what you’re hoping to accomplish.
  • Is hair and makeup included in your price?
  • Can I do an outfit change?
  • Is there a limit to the number of people I can have in my shoot?
  • How many final photos will I receive?
  • Do I have complete usage rights?
  • Can I purchase additional photos if I want to and if so, how much per photo?

Lastly, be sure to discuss exactly what you want to capture during your photo shoot.  I recommend working with your photographer to create a shot list prior to your session so you can be sure that you get all the images you want.  Here is complimentary brand photoshoot checklist that you can download and provide to your photographer to get the conversation started!

Now, go figure out what you’re going to wear for your day behind the camera!

Here are some sites I’ve done that use brand photos: