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Spring Cleaning for Your Website

Just like your house, spring cleaning for your website should be on your to-do list this time of year.  Updating your site can be hard to stay on top of because let's face it, if it's up and...

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What To Do When Business is Slow

No matter how big or small, all businesses experience ups and downs.  When business is slow and you want answers, the first stop is usually to the marketing person.  After all, isn't it their job to...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing This Year

This post was going to be about marketing trends and other things that developed in the industry over the past year.  But let's be honest, you've got Google and there's a million of those articles...

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What is a brand board?

And how do I use it in my branding? Branding is a confusing topic to many business owners.  Whenever I work with a business, I always recommend they review their branding and make sure it is still...

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