Instagram is a photo based social media platform that more and more businesses are using to gain exposure for their small business.  Like Facebook, I didn’t want to give in and jump on the Instagram band wagon, but I did and now I’m hooked.  Aside from being fairly easy to use, I really like the platform for small businesses for several other reasons.

Why I like Instagram for BusinessInstagram

1.  We are becoming more and more of a visual society everyday…people like to see good looking images that teach share knowledge – Instragram provides that.

2.  Customers like to connect with businesses they buy from.  Instragram allows you connect with your customers by sharing photos of your products, your office, your team, what ever you’d like.

3.  Unlike Facebook, Instagram is not dictating who sees your posts.  If someone follows you and you post something, if they are on Instragram, they will see it!

4.  It’s hashtag heaven.  Like Twitter, Instagram allows you to use hashtags.  As a small business, hashtags can help you connect with potential customers AND interact with them.

So this is why I’ve started using Instagram.  The only problem is…Instagram is primarily a smart phone based application.  For many business owners, this isn’t an issue, in fact it makes it more convenient to incorporate Instragram into their daily marketing routine, because let’s face it, we always have our phones on us!

However, for someone who loves their desktop, this could be a drawback.  As it stands today, you can log on to Instagram from your desktop and view your feed.  GREAT…but can I find new users to follow on Instragram from my desktop?  You sure can.  I found this great tutorial on how to do it using a site called  When you go to this site from your desktop, you can log in using your Instagram account search for users to follow!  Here’s the tutorial video that I found to walk you through the process.

So, now that you know how to find people from your desktop, find me on Instagram @jenn_smalltalkmarketing and follow me as I catch marketing as it is happening.

Share your Instragram handles with me so I can follow your business too!