Joining a direct sales company can be a great way to start your own business without the same costs as starting one on your own.  Many direct sales companies like Mary Kay, Thirty-One and Origami Owl have great incentive programs in place for their consultants.  They also provide their consultants with a lot of supporting resources to help them grow their business.5 marketing resources most direct sales consultants have...but never use

Having come in contact with many direct sales consultants throughout my career and having several as personal contacts, I can tell you that these companies provide all the tools you need to develop a strong business.  Tools that if you had to create them yourself, by working with someone like me, would require an investment on your part.  Despite this, I am often surprised at how many direct sales consultants do not take advantage of the resources they are offered.  Here are 5 things most direct sales consultants have access to but do not use…and should!

1.  Website – Most direct sales companies give their consultants the opportunity to create a personal website where customers can go and place orders.  Taking advantage of this gives your customers options and makes it easy for them to continue ordering from you.  It also gives you a place to send potential customers for more information.

2. Email Blasts – Most direct sales companies create promotional email blasts that consultants can personalize and send to their mailing list.  This is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and to generate new customers.  If you do not have your customer’s email addresses, start collecting them today and take advantage of this resources.  It’s an easy and cost effective way to generate business.

3.  Graphics – With the rise of social media, having great graphics to showcase your products and services has become important.  Many direct sales companies know this and provide consultants with a library of images to use throughout their social media channels. This is another great, inexpensive way to stay in front your customers and remain top-of-mind with them.

4.  Direct Mailers – Despite what anyone says, direct mail is still an effective marketing tactic.  Studies show that consumers respond to direct mail campaigns.  So while using this resource will most likely require you to pay for postage, it may be something to consider as direct mail campaigns can really help generate sales.

5.  Webinars and Training – I can’t tell you how much training costs.  Being in business for myself, I quickly learned how expensive it can be to take part in training that talks about the latest and greatest techniques.  Most direct sales companies offer regular training either at the corporate level or through their directors.  If your company is offering your free training, take it!  Knowledge is power.

If you work in a direct sales business I want to hear from you!  Comment here or on my Facebook page about what resources your company supplies and how they have worked for you!