It’s a hectic time of year.  If you own a small business, managing your marketing, running your business and dealing with the holidays in general may prove to be challenging.  However, just because you are busy with the holiday does not mean that you can put your marketing efforts on the back burner until it is over.
How to Improve your Marketing This Holiday Season

Consistency is the key to effective marketing

Marketing is most effective when you keep it consistent.  You will hear many experts say the worst thing to do when business is slow is to cut your marketing budget.  The same is true for when business is good.  Don’t stop marketing just because you have an influx of holiday business.  On December 26 business is bound to slow down and you need to be prepared!

Here are 3 tips to help you keep your marketing efforts moving forward even when you are busy with the holiday season!

  1. Schedule Time – Just like scheduling a meeting, I suggest you schedule time to address your business’s marketing needs.  Make a list of all things that you need to address, then use your scheduled time to get through as many of them as you can.
  2. Schedule Ahead – When it comes to things like social media, email marketing and many other forms of advertising, you can usually schedule campaigns to run a head of time.  Take an hour and schedule out some Facebook posts through the end of the year.  Then do your email campaign and schedule it to go out when you need it to.
  3. Hire Help – You can’t do everything.  If you know the holiday season is a particularly busy time for your business, hire someone to help you get things done.  Maybe that means hiring someone to work in your retail location for a few extra hours, or maybe it means hiring someone to clean your house!  Whatever the case may be, think about all you have to get done and think about how your time is best spent.  If you can make more money out seeing clients as opposed to sitting behind your computer scheduling Facebook posts, then you should be looking to outsource your marketing!

The bottom line is, the holidays are meant to be a fun time of year but they can be hectic at the same time.  Don’t let the spirit of the season start your business off to a rocky start in 2015.  The marketing you implement today will impact your business tomorrow and long after the holiday so use these tips to help keep your marketing moving during the holiday.