Many MedSpa owners get caught up trying to come up with new promotions month after month.  Let me start by saying, you don’t HAVE to offer a promotion every month.  There are many other things you can do to create content that resonates with your clients, positions you as an expert and fills your schedule.

If you WANT to offer promotions, there is a better way to do it!  I highly suggest offering the same promotions year after year.  When I say this, I often get asked if clients will lose interest because they’re hearing the same thing every year.  Honestly, the opposite is true, IF you have the right promotion.  In this post I’m going to share with you 3 reasons to run the same promotions year after year and how to do this so it’s successful.  Let’s dig in.

3 Reasons to Run the Same Promos Every YearRunning the same promos every year

  1. Planning Time
    Knowing your promotions in advance drastically cuts down on planning time on a monthly basis.  If you know what you’re doing from month to month you won’t have to figure it out and scramble to promote it.  If you do the same promos, you’ll know what you need to do and when you need to do it to run a successful promotion.
  2. Clients Will Expect It
    Think about some of your favorite retailers.  Do they have a semi-annual sale?  Or some big sales event each year?  My daughter recently got in to Bath & Body Works products.  When she started asking to go there, I remembered from my own Bath & Body Works days that they run a buy 3, get 3 promo at various times throughout the year.  We waited for that promo and went in to stock up!  Now she knows what she likes and we’ll continue going there throughout the year, anticipating their next buy 3, get 3 promo.  If you offer a great promo, clients will anticipate it and make sure they participate.
  3. No Guessing
    There is always some guesstimating when you launch a new promo.  Will clients like it?  Does the fine print cover you?  Will you actually make money on it?  Or is it something just to get clients in the door?  When you do the same promo year after year, you have historical info and know what you’re getting in to.  You’re not guessing on whether it will be effective, and you know what “successful” looks like.

How To Successfully Run the Same Promos Annually

Define What “Successful” Means to You

The definition of “successful” is different for every MedSpa.  Some owners may want a promo that brings in new clients.  Others may want one that encourages existing clients to spend more.  And some may be running a promo in hopes of growing a service area.  Before you pick promos to run, decide on your goals and define what successful means to you.

Pick the Right Ones to Repeat

With this info in mind, look back through the years and see which promos were most successful.  If there was a successful promo you can always tweak it to meet your current goals.  If the promo wasn’t successful, don’t waste time on it.

If you’re new in business and don’t have a history to review look at what other spas are doing!  Ask colleagues what they’ve done. Don’t be afraid to “borrow” some else’s framework.  I’m not saying run the same promo as the MedSpa a mile up the road.  I’m saying look at other cities, even states and see what they are doing, then modify to fit your business as a way to get started.

Start Hyping Them Up Early

Promotions are only successful when you communicate them early.  Clients may need to hear about your promos up to 3 times before they actually act.  Create a communication plan that starts hyping your promo at least a month in advance.  Consistent communication is an important part of a successful promo.

Build Your Email List

I can’t stress this one enough.  I have several clients that sell thousands of dollars in packages each holiday season through a series of email campaigns.  Here’s a white paper with details.  If you don’t have an email list, you can still be successful, it will just require a different advertising strategy.

Budget for Them

Budget for promotions.  You’re going to need materials to promote your offer.  You may even want to run paid advertisements like Facebook ads.  Also, depending on how your promotion is structured, if you’re offering something that has a cost associated with delivering it, you need to budget for that!

Also, budget for help.  If you’re busy and know you don’t have the time to do all this stuff, budget to outsource it.

If you need help creating an annual promotional plan, contact me!