If you’re still working on your holiday promotions, time is ticking!  Black Friday officially kicks off the holiday shopping season which means you’ve only got a few short weeks to finalize your promotions, promote them AND start generating sales.  To plan your promotions, I recommend you look back at past promotions, evaluate them and determine which ones performed best.  If you have some that your clients wait for or that you did well with, don’t recreate the wheel!  Run them again.

If you’re looking at your past promotions and find you weren’t happy with the results any of them got, here are 3 ideas for holiday promotions you could try this year.

3 Promotions to Spark Sales This Holiday Season

  1. Spend $100, Get $100 –  Before you freak out, this is not as scary as it sounds, I’m not suggesting you give away a $100 gift card.   There is a catch. To start, you need to create promotional cards valued at $25.  Buy $100, get $100 sounds very attractive so you’ll likely get a lot of action on this.  The catch is, and make sure you put this in your fine print when the client purchases a $100 gift card, they will receive 4, $25 promotional cards.  They can either give the promotional gift cards to a friend, or keep them for themselves, BUT you can only use one promotional card per visit.  This promotion can accomplish several things. One, it can help bring in new clients if the purchaser gives their promo cards away.  Or two, it can encourage client loyalty as clients come back for up to 4 visits to use all their promo cards!  The key to this promotion is the fine print.  Make sure you map out all the details and are very clear about how they will receive their additional $100 and how it can be spent.
  2. Reverse Retail – Instead of saying “Get a free cleanser when you purchase a facial service” flip that around!  Say something like “Buy $200 in skin care products and receive a complimentary express facial.”  When clients get hooked on your retail products, it will create ongoing income even if they aren’t coming in for services.
  3. Package Deals – A great way to fill your books is to run a promo on a package or bundle of services that require people to come in for a series of treatments.  You can do this for single services, or package several services together to create bundle.  Think of things like a Beach Body Bundle that includes CoolSculpting treatments and hair removal.  You could create bundles for anti-aging treatments, acne and hyperpigmentation treatments.

Promos Don’t Always Sell Themselves

In all my years of working with MedSpa owners and beauty service providers, I can tell you that promos don’t sell themselves.  In order for a promotion to be successful, you need to prepare for it, promote it for a while and across several channels.  One email, or one social post about your big promo is not going to cut it.  You need a plan that talks about your holiday promotions for several weeks leading up to when you plan to launch it.   Your communication plan should include:

  • Emails
  • Social posts
  • In-studio signage
  • Possibly paid advertising

If you just got overwhelmed by that list, contact me for help launching your holiday promos!