2015 marketing trends have already started to surface.  I know what you’re thinking “we haven’t2015 Marketing Trends even made it to Halloween yet!” I agree it’s far too soon to be thinking about 2015 but when it comes to planning your marketing strategy, its definitely time to start thinking about what’s next.  (And let’s be honest…all the stores are already filled with Christmas stuff anyway so we might as well get on board!)

Every small business has different goals but regardless of what you hope to achieve in the upcoming year, each of these 5 marketing trends should be apart of your plan.

  1. Optimize for Mobile – Mobile is not going way.  More and more consumers are accessing websites, emails and more on their mobile devices.  If it has been a while since you have checked your digital communications on mobile, make it a part of your 2015 strategy to optimize everything you do for mobile.
  2. Start Blogging – If you are not blogging already, start now!  Content marketing is going to continue to grow in popularity during 2015 and having an up to date, well written blog that showcases your expertise should be a part of your plan for the upcoming year.
  3. Get to Know Your Customers – You may also hear this referred to as Hyper-Targeting among several other buzz names.  Getting to know your customers will be interpreted differently by every business but the bottom line is this…in 2015, you need to know who your customers are in order to craft the right message and have it be heard.  If you don’t know who you are trying to reach or who you want to reach, you can’t effectively target your efforts so take some time to get to know your customers.
  4. Start Using the Right Social Platforms – There are new social platforms emerging all the time.  The latest to hit the social scene is Ello.  It’s growing in popularity and it has many marketers wondering if it will eventually replace Facebook.  With that, you’ll find many brands running to Ello trying to get in on the latest craze and get their foot in the door before anyone else.  That’s bananas!  Don’t waste your time and resources getting on every social platform known to man.  Find the ones that produce the best results for you and create a strategy to maximize your presence on those platforms.  Another words…don’t spread yourself too thin when it comes to social media and focus your efforts where you’ll see some ROI!
  5. Get Personal – Part of getting to know your customers a bit better is being personal.  Customers like it when they can see the personal side of a brand.  If you are a small business owner, this gives you an advantage over your larger competitors.  It’s harder for bigger brands to connect with customers on a personal level unless they are really good with social media or other forms of interactive media.  As a small business owner, don’t be afraid to share something personal, but not too personal about your family or to share a funny cartoon on your Facebook page.  Lighten up a bit, it may make a customer’s day and help them connect with you!

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